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Winter 2007 Schedule

Jan 11 2007, Campfire chair, look at poles in King Site. Camp notice to go home. (Figure out committee for first aid jeopardy) Discuss mouse problem. Reorganize patrols.

Jan 18 2007, Campfire chair & camp prep. Reorganize patrols.

Jan 19-21 2007, Camp, Scout Camp at Cold, White Weasel ? Complete campfire chair, winter activities (hiking, sliding, quinces, skating), Scouts Own.

Jan 25 2007, Camp review, Badge Testing, mark trail to wilderness site at waist height.

Feb 1 2007, Citizenship (Joyce), Personal Development/Outdoor?First Aid (Patrol Leaders) NEED PROJECTOR - Charlie.

Feb 8 2007, Personal Development/Outdoor-First Aid (Patrol Leaders) Jeopardy Game.

Feb 15 2007, Camp/Activity Prep & Group Committee. Bring survival kits to be ‘water tested’.

Feb 16-18 2007, Camp, Scout Camp at Cold, White Weasel ? Winter activities (hiking, sliding, quinces, skating), Scouts Own.

Feb 19 2007, Thinking Day Service at Fun Forest Camp. The B.P. Campfire is hosted by B Pack, all of Beaver Bank Scouting are invited. Don't forget your Campfire Blanket.

Feb 21 2007, Tourch Light Parade - 6:15 @ Sycamore Lane School, parade will end at Knox United. Uniform required. click here to find out where Sycamore Lane School is.

Feb 22 2007, Camp/Activity Review & Compass & Mapping (Charlie and Rick) , Baden-Powell's 150th Birthday!

Feb 25 2007, Moosehead Hockey. 2:00 at the Metro Centre. Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Ventures, Rovers, Leaders & their families from all over Halifax Area (formerly Halifax Region) will be in attendance. A special crest will be issued. All tickets are $9.50 from the Scout Shop. Uniform is required.

Mar 1 2007, Build bat boxes (Charlie to get pattern info from Mark) (Charlie and Rick ? need pattern & wood already cut, need hammer and nails Charlies garage?

Mar 8 2007, Leadership (Patrol Leaders) Citizenship & Outdoors (Joyce)

Mar 15 2007, Camp Preperation.

Mar 16-18 2007, Camp, Scout Camp at Cold, White Weasel ? Large Gadgets, Move Lean-to?s, Scouts Own.

Schedule subject to change

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