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Fall 2004 Schedule

NOTICE : "Parent Consent Forms" must be filled out, signed and dated for all events or activities not held at our usual meeting place Harold T Barrett Jr High School. This is a Scouts Canada requirement. Consent Forms will be supplemented with a "Physical Fitness Certificate". Thank you for your cooperation. Effective Jan 2001 we can now use the new "List Type Consent Form" for Tours & Fundraisers.

NOTICE : In order to insure the safety of your children. Cubs must be escorted to all events including regular meetings by an adult. Please come in to the meeting hall with your Cub for drop off or pick up. Thank you for your cooperation.

Sep 01 2004, 1st day of September - Get ready for a new School year and a new Scouting Year. Let's tell all our friends new and old how much fun we had at Cubs. Encourage them to join or at least come to a meeting and see what we do.

Sep 8 2004, Registration for 2004-2005 will take place 6:30 at the new Beaver Bank Comunity Centre at Kinsack Corner. Please register now so that we know how many to expect at our first meeting.You can speed up registration by filling out the Physical Fitness Certificate and bring it along.

Sep 6 2004, Labour Day - no cub meeting.

Sep 20 2004, New Faces - 1st meeting of the new scouting year. Be Prepared to play some games.

Sep 27 2004, CANCELLED - this is an inservice day we have no access to the school.

Oct 4 2004, Tender Pad requirements, & knots. game soccer.

Oct 9,10 2004, Thanks for our Camp - (Fall Camp) to be held at Fun Forest Camp , details to follow. Deadline for registration is Oct 4. Starting work on Tawny Star, The Tenderpads will finish up tenderpad requirements and be invested as Cubs.

Oct 11 2004, Thanksgiving Day - no Cub meeting.

Oct 18 2004, Sending messages using moris code (tawny star). game pooper scooper.

Oct 23 2005, Apple Day. We will meet 10AM at the HTB Jr High. We will be sharing our apples with residents of Beaver Bank. Uniform and a smile are required. A parent must sign the List Type Concet Form or send a signed Consent Form along.
For safety parents are requested to accompany the Cubs.

Oct 25 2004, Halloween Party, dress up in a funny or scary costume. Treats from parents are appreciated.

Oct 30 2004, Area Sixer / Second / Keeo Training. preregistration required. This is an area event for Sixers, Seconds & Keeo only.

Nov 1 2004, Campfire, (indoors at HTB Jr High).

Nov 6 2004, Adopt a Beaver Banker, 10AM we will meet at Ken Margeson's yard, Station Road, almost to the end of Kinsack Road, take a left. We will rake leaves for Ken Margeson.

Nov 8 2004, We will prepair a wreath for the Cenotaph.

Nov 10 2004, Monarch Drive Elementary will have a Rembrance Service at 9:30, please wear your uniform to school.

Nov 11 2004, Remembrance Day - 10:00AM We will meet in Kinsack School parking lot and parade to the cenotaph in front of the Kinsac Fire Station. A parent must sign the List Type Concet Form or send a signed Consent Form along. Uniform Required.

Nov 15 2004, CANCELLED due to weather & power.

Nov 22 2004, Knots

Nov 29 2004, Wilderness readyness, things you "should have" or "should know" before you go into the woods.

Dec 6 2004, Fire Hall Tour 6PM sharp at the new fire station at Kinsack Corner. Pickup at 7:30PM. (dont forget to hand in your camp forms)

Dec 11-12 2004, Christmas Camp - to be held at Fun Forest Camp , details to follow. Deadline for registration is Dec 6.

Dec 13 2004, No Meeting. We just got back from camp.

Dec 20 2004, Christmas Break - Merry Christmas. no Cub meeting.

Dec 27 2004, Christmas Break - Merry Christmas. no Cub meeting.

Jan 3 2004, Happy New Year!! no Cub meeting.

Jan 10 2005, Show & Tell.

Schedule subject to change

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