Hi folks, Welcome to “B” Pack!  Here is a schedule of meetings and events for the next few months.  Please keep this for further reference.

September 23, 2002

First regular meeting - Introductions - Akela

Wide Game - Baloo

Expaining Opening/Closing - Akela

September 30,2002

New Cubs Intro Meeting

Opening - Akela

Tenderpad requirements - SherKhan

Wide Game -Ringtail & Akela

Closing - Akela

October 7,2002

Regular Meeting Night

Opening - Akela

Review Tenderpad requirement - Baloo

Camp preparation - Akela

Wide Game - King Louie

Closing - Baloo

October 12,13, 2002 Overnight Camp at Fun Forest, Consent Form Required
October 14, 2002

No Meeting, Thanksgiving Holiday

October 19, 2002 Sixer/Second Training
October 21, 2002 Campfire Meeting Fun Forest, 1901 BeaverBank Road
October 26, 2002 Apple Day, Meeting at HTB at 9:00 a.m., Consent Form Required
October 28, 2001

Badge Testing- Akela/Ringtail

Games - King Louie

Food Prep - SherKhan

Novemeber 4, 2002

Investiture Night and Remembrance Day Theme - Making wreath for Cenotaph

Opening/Investiture - Akela

Craft - All leaders (SherKhan get supplies)

Remembrance Meditation - SherKhan

Closing - Akela

November 11, 2002

Remembrance Day Service, Meeting at 10:00 am. Kinsac School, Consent Form Required

November 18, 2002

Regular Meeting,

Opening - Akela

Compass Work and working on the Guide Badge - King Louie.

Closing - Akela

November 23, 2002 Adopt a Beaver Banker! (We plan to help someone in the community who requires help with leaves/yard work)Parents are encouraged to join us. Please bring along a rake. Consent Form Required
November 25,2002

Opening - Akela

Badge Work on the Black Star - Baloo

Badge Testing - Akela/SherKhan

Game - King Louie/Ringtail

Song - SherKhan

Closing - Baloo

December 2, 2002 Games & Fun Night
December 22, 2002

(Tentatively) Christmas Meeting 1:00pm - 4:00pm at Fun Forest. Consent Form Required

Food - Akela/SherKhan

Craft -



Since the Scout Troop is also very small again this year, we would like to help out one day in December at the Christmas Tree Lot here in Beaver Bank.

Your Leaders:

Akela:        Jim Saunders    865-1070 or Bpack@beaverbank.net
King Louie Robert Hickey 864-8967
Baloo:  Jody Jessome   865-2993