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Spring 2006 Schedule

NOTICE : "Parent Consent Forms" must be filled out, signed and dated for all events or activities not held at our usual meeting place (Our Pond) Beaver Bank Monarch Drive Elementary School. This is a Scouts Canada requirement. Consent Forms will be supplemented with a "Physical Fitness Certificate". Thank you for your cooperation. Effective Jan 2001 we can now use the new "List Type Consent Form" for Tours & Fundraisers.

NOTICE : In order to insure the safety of your children. Beavers must be escorted to all events including regular meetings by an adult. Please come in to the school with your Beaver for drop off or pick up. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mar 21 2006, It’s SPRING, we will be planting seeds.

Mar 21 2006, We will be hiking around the school. Forms for A Colony Camp Spring Camp & also Group Camp should be turned in by today.

Apr 1-2 2006, Spring Camp, @ Fun Forest Camp, 1901 Beaver Bank Road. Please be sure to register with Hawkeye on or before Mar 21.

Apr 5 2006, Beaver buggy building, we will be making our beaver buggy’s at Fun Forest Camp , 1901 Beaver Bank Rd. Regular meeting time. we will be using paint so it would be a good idea to wear old cloths.

Apr 11 2006, Wind Gate Farm, we have been waiting for this one for a while so lets all go. 156 Windsor Junction Cross Road, Windsor Junction. Cost to participate is $6.00 per youth, siblings are welcome. Uniform and Consent form required.

Apr 18 2006, CANCELLED see Wednesday

April 19 2006, Wednesday – Scout Tree Blitz!! We will be going out with B Colony obtaining pledges for scout trees. We will be going up and down the streets of Woodbine Trailer Park. Parent participation is greatly requested. Details to follow.

Apr 25 2006, Beaver Buggy races. We will be racing our buggy’s at the school so dont forget to bring your Beaver Buggy. B Colony will share in the fun. Parents welcome.

Apr 28-29 2006, Group camp at Fun Forrest Camp. Details to follow. pre-registration required by Apr 1.

May 2 2006, We will be talking about how the white tail beavers will be swimming Up to cubs. Parachute game.

May 3 2006,6:00 to 7:30 Scout Trees planting. Fun Forest Camp, 1901 Beaver Bank Road.

May 8 2006, Monday HTB School 6:15 to 7:45 SWIM UP ! Our white tails are entering the wolf cub pack. white tail beavers should have a cub uniform shirt under their beaver vest. Parents Encouraged to participate.

May 9 2006, Cancelled school not available see Monday May 8.

May 16 2006, Tour of the Sackville Fire Station no 1 - We will meet at the Fire Station 6:15, The Chief will start the tour at 6:30 so we can't be late. Station located at the corner or Metropolitan & Glendale. Uniform and Consent form required.

May 23 2006, Movie night. Bring your favorite blanket and pillow to curl up and eat Popcorn and watch a movie.

May 29 2006, Closing party ! This is our last meeting. We our hoping to have enough Funds to plan something special. Details to follow

Jul 1 2006, Canada Day Parade (9:00AM) - This will be 2nd Beaver Bank's 7th entry in the Canada Day Parade in Lr. Sackville. (2005 the parade was cancelled by parade mashall due to extremely bad weather) The parade route is from the Sobey's parking lot, 752 Sackville Drive to The Rock Church parking lot, 222 Sackville Drive. I am told that's 2.7km. The parade starts at 9:30AM, all Beavers should be at the Sobey's parking lot no later than 9:00AM. Uniform and Consent form required. Tender pads should have their Cub Uniform. Beavers may be picked up at the Rock Church parking lot. parents are welcome.

Schedule subject to change

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