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Fall 2002 Schedule

NOTICE : "Parent Consent Forms" must be filled out, signed and dated for all events or activities not held at our usual meeting place (Our Pond) Beaver Bank Monarch Drive Elementary School. This is a Scouts Canada requirement. Consent Forms will be supplemented with a "Physical Fitness Certificate". Thank you for your cooperation. Effective Jan 2001 we can now use the new "List Type Consent Form" for Tours & Fundraisers.

NOTICE : In order to insure the safety of your children. Beavers must be escorted to all events including regular meetings by an adult. Please come in to the school with your Beaver for drop off or pick up. Thank you for your cooperation.

Sep 01 2002, 1st day of september - Get ready for a new School year and a new Scouting Year. Let's tell all our friends new and old how much fun we had at Beavers. Encourage them to join or at least come to a meeting and see what we do.

Sep 10 2002, Registration for 2002-2003 will take place 6:30 at Church of the Good Sheppard. Please register now so that we know how many to expect at our first meeting.You can speed up registration by filling out the Physical Fitness Certificate and bring it along.

Sep 24 2002, New Faces - 1st meeting of the new scouting year.

Oct 1 2002, Watch out for the snakes - we have some garder snakes for you see and even hold. We can all take home the craft snake that we will be making.

Oct 8 2002, Thanksgiving - If the weather is good we will be outside for much of the meeting so make sure you have warm cloths. craft is a turkey.

Oct 15 2002, Friendship through Sharing - bring a friend, we will be sharing our games and crafts with our friends (5 to 7 years old).craft is a beaver door hanger. In order to insure the safety of your children, non registered participants must be accompanied by a parent.

Oct 22 2002, Jack-o-lanturn for halloween.

Oct 26 2002, Apple Day. We will meet 10AM at the Brown Hall. We will be sharing our apples with residents of Beaver Bank. Uniform and a smile are required. A parent must sign the List Type Concet Form or send a signed Consent Form along. For safety parents are requested to accompany the Beavers.

Oct 29 2002, Halloween Party - Dress up in your scary or silly costume and get ready for the fun. The meeting will be held at Fun Forest Camp. (usual time) Treats from parents will be gladly accepted.

Nov 5 2002, Investiture followed by Campfire - each lodge will share a song, skit and cheer. Bring your Camp Fire Blanket, if you don't have one just bring a blanket that you like. This will be the first Scouting Camp Fire for many of our Beavers. Kits must have their uniform to be invested. Kits would like ther parents to attend their investiture.

Nov 8 2002, Please ware your uniform to school. The school is having a rememberance assembly.

Nov 11 2002, Remembrance Day - 10:00AM We will meet in Kinsac School parking lot and parade to the cenotaph in front of the Kinsac Fire Station. A parent must sign the List Type Concet Form or send a signed Consent Form along. Uniform Required.

Nov 12 2002, Nature Bingo Hike. Please dress for the weather.

Nov 19 2002, Keeo's Fun at the Pond.

Nov 23-24 2002, Fall Camp - to be held at Fun Forest Camp, details to follow.

Nov 26 2002, Cancelled - no meeting, we just got back from camp.

Dec 3 2002, TBA.

Dec 10 2002, Christmas Party.

Dec 17 2002, Christmas Lights Spectacular - we will meet at the Brown Hall 6:15 sharp, then travel to a magical place full of wonder and excitement ( Snow's Place in Fall River ). Since we will be outside please dress warmly. We will be back to the Brown Hall by 7:45 for pickup. Siblings are welcome (parent must come too). If you can provide a drive please offer. Uniform and Consent Form required.

Dec 24 2002, Christmas Break - Merry Christmas. no Beaver meeting.

Jan 7 2003, Show & Tell.

Schedule subject to change

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